9 Feb 2018

Where were we...

Hello my little chickadees

Well it's been a while. In fact it was just before Christmas when I did my last blog. Christmas is long gone now and we're starting February.

Did you all have a good time? I bet you can't even remember. If you were anything like me you'd have been stuffed with food and booze. Now don't start trying to kid me, of course you were! Well perhaps not the teetotallers amongst us. I only have drunkards in my pub but I'll make an exception for that kinda cute guy at the back there with the lemonade.

Anyway I digress. My loyal readers of my blog have still been visiting daily according to my stats and I've ignored you because I've been busy doing other things. My sincere apologies.

Actually I started reading Fire and Fury (inside the White House) That's another story so I'll leave it there.

So what have I been up to you may ask? Oh come on, you know you want to know, dontcha. Oh yes you do.
Well I was writing the next Erasmus and Shasta story entitled Merlin (working title) which I've set in medieval times. Soulfate should have been the 'final chapter' but my readers wanted more so who am I to argue. This one is full of buxom wenches, spells, the stocks, feasting and debauchery, serving wenches,,, oh I could go on. Anyway I opened up all of my WIP of which there are three now and by mistake opened up the Ghosts of Timeless Cottage. I found myself immersed in it and finally finished it. My good friend and beta reader Jo Sexton (an author in her own right who many of you know) read it through for me and with a lot of nervousness I approached my publisher with it and he loved it. It's now on pre order with release on 14th February (next week yikes!)

After I did the cover reveal I was astonished by the positive reaction I got worldwide. Having said that, when I checked it's pre order listing on Amazon it had shot up through the ranking from 1 million+ to #141 within 24 hours! Wahoo and happy dance.

So if you missed it, here is the cover and synopsis with the links.


Carolina has everything a beautiful young woman could want. A penthouse flat in London overlooking the Thames; Wined and dined in the best restaurants and a peach of a job with a very healthy salary in the Houses of Parliament.

In her spare time, her alter ego J D Wells is a successful author selling books by the millions unbeknown to her work colleague the charismatic Right Honorable Jonathon Taylor MP who she PA’s for.

Her refuge from the misdemeanors of Jonathon Taylor and his mistress is her aunt’s cottage by the sea in Hastings. When her aunt dies unexpectedly she inherits the cottage and a nest egg amounting to £250,000 along with several unexpected sea fairing ghosts.

Carolina, with persuasion from Cornelius the resident ghost, finds herself compelled to write his biography in which she discovers that they have a past history.

When disgraced minister the Rt. Honorable Jonathon Taylor turns up looking for sanctuary and an affair with Carolina, the ghosts take their revenge.


For the last two years or so, the local community radio have wanted to interview me during a live broadcast. (Hugging myself with terror)

"I will get you in one of these days" said the DJ

I've finally bitten the bullet and agreed to go in after it's release. Wish me luck.

Thank you for dropping by.

Laters Potaters

3 Dec 2017

Tee and her alter ego in the Enchanted Forest

Hello my little chickadees

How are you? Honest I'm really interested ... and if you believe that ... ! Well you can tell me if you want but I'll be long gone before you start dontcha know. Are you all ready for Christmas? Really/No me neither. (Just covering all bases there)

Well then that's enough about you, what about me. I know you didn't ask but I'm going to tell you anyway. As it's Christmas time I popped on my faery wings and flew down to faery cove to see my alter ego Tee in the enchanted forest. She's absolutely gorgeous if I say so myself.

I arrived just as the sun was beginning to set and as I wandered through the enchanted forest I could see the occupied toadstools in the distance lit up. Faery lights hung from the pine trees and there was a fine sprinkling of snow on the ground, however it wasn't the least bit cold. The major clue there is enchanted forest.

Tee's toadstool was slightly bigger than the rest to accommodate her size.

Tee's toadstool
As I approached I could hear a deep voice and much giggling. Obviously she had company and it sounded like Shinny Upatree who was Santa's oldest friend and the co-founder of the enchanted forest. As I stood outside I heard a different voice which I didn't recognise. I coughed loudly outside the door and hoped for the best. Instantly the door was opened by Shinny Upatree so I had been right. Sitting beside Tee was a very pretty fairy with a slightly red face. Tee was lounging on her cushions with a tumbler full of what looked like mulled wine. Instantly she recognised me, well why wouldn't she as she is my alter ego.

"Tee what a lovely surprise, come in and sit down. You know Shinny Upatree but I don't think you know Sugarplum Mary Mrs. Claus's magic helper."

"No we haven't met before but can I say how pretty you are?"

She blushed profusely as she lowered her eyes shielded by the soft long black lashes.

After the niceties I sat in one of the low chairs at the back of the spacious toadstool, which was bathed in a warm glow from the worms hanging from the roof. I adored visiting Tee. She was always welcoming and put on a good spread as the saying goes and her quick wit was renowned.

"So what do I owe this pleasure Tee? not that you aren't always welcome in the forest."

"Oh I thought as it was Christmas and we haven't caught up for a while I'd fly over, and it gives me a chance to flex my wings."

"Can i get you something to eat while you're here?"

Tee snapped her fingers and a spread of food replenished what had been eaten earlier. Cheese and biscuits of all kinds and I noticed another bottle of mulled wine nestling in the middle. Whilst I tucked in and replenished my glass we made small talk and giggled a lot. Finally Shinny Uptree and Sugarplum Mary made their excuses to return to their own toadstool.
Shinny and Sugarplum's toadstool 

Yes it seemed that Shinny and Sugarplum appeared to be an item. Now I was aware that Shinny Upatree was a bit of a naughty elf and Sugarplum looked a bit on the rotund side so perhaps there was a little Shinnyplum on the way.

Fully satiated with the food and drink I began to quiz Tee on what she had been up to since I last saw her.

"Oh you know, just the usual Tee. Keeping the enchanted forest and faeries in order. It's such a pleasure for me and I guess you noticed that Sugarplum Mary is looking a bit on the rosy, rotund size. A sweet sugarplum will be making an appearance soon I shouldn't wonder but as for me, well I have three work in progress on the go at the moment. Carolina's Seafaring Ghost, Merlin, and The Mirror of Darkness. I'm enjoying writing all of them but a friend designed a lovely cover for Carolina's Seafaring Ghost so i have been concentrating on that one. The trouble is once I start writing everything else gets neglected and I only have one pair of wings to use."

"Tell me about this work in progress Tee. What's it about?"

" Well I haven't written a synopsis yet but it's the story of a young woman who works in the Houses of Parliament as a PA to a Right Honourable MP called Jonathan Taylor who is a bit of a ladies man. She enjoys breaks at her aunt's cottage in Sussex where she can relax, unwind and carry on with her writing as a very successful author writing under a pseudonym . Eventually her aunt leaves her the cottage and she spends weekends there but there is a lodger in the form of a seafaring ghost who takes a shine to her."

"So does she eventually move in with this ghost and leave her PA job then Tee? It sounds exciting."

"Ah well it's nearly finished. When I do finish it, I promise you will be the first to read it."

"Ohhhh lovely. Well it's been lovely chatting Tee but I really need to be getting back before it gets really dark. I forget how deceiving it is in the forest because of all the twinkling stars and faery lights. Once I leave the perimeter it's pitch black and I'm a bit out of practice with my wings so I guess I'd better get going. Give me a hug and then I'll be on my way."

Tee stood up to hug me as I shook out my warm cloak. My wings did a little flutter ready for the off. One final hug and I was on my way. Soaring into the air I noticed Peter Pan first of all with the children and then the elves doing a test run of Santa's sleigh ready for Christmas Eve. I sighed deeply. All was well with the world at the moment. I flew out towards the North Star and made my way home, looking down only once. Maybe one day my alter ego and myself could get together and I could live there permanently but for the moment I was happy to go home to prepare for Christmas Eve.

Laters Potaters

4 Nov 2017

New kid on the block author Ann Thomas

Hello my little chickadees

Well I see I haven't done a blog since January this year when I interviewed the actor/film director Louis Herthum. He's a lovely fella and we both enjoyed the chat.

So how have you all been? Oh wait I'll just put my ear defenders on... Doh de dah de dum... Ok that's done, so who wants to start? While you're chatting away among yourself I'm going to interview Ann Thomas a debut author on the block.

Here's her photo but I'll let her tell you all about herself....

Who is Ann Thomas?

Good question. I often ask myself the same thing. I am a retired Reception teacher. To me it was the most fantastic job and suited me down to the ground. Now though, I spend my time writing, working in my local museum, or going on holiday. I’ve recently come back from Italy where I visited Pompeii, Herculaneum and a few other historical sights. Amazing. When I’m not doing any of these, I enjoy being mum and cooking for my son and his girlfriend when they come to visit.
Where do you live in the world?

I was born in London, near to Hampstead Heath, never dreaming I’d ever leave. Then when I got married we bought a house in Kent close enough to the coast to go whenever the urge takes me, which is usually at least once a week.

Hobbies – apart from writing

I love to walk. Having said that, I do not walk for miles and miles with a rucksack on my back and staff in my hand. I am not a rambler and don’t belong to any clubs. I simply walk or stroll for the love of it. Books are my next passion. I am not a TV addict, so most evenings you can find me curled up with a good book. I am also keen on gardening, but only when the weather suits me, definitely I am a fair weather gardener.


I don’t have any pets. We used to have a gorgeous black and white labrador/collie called Duke, named, by my son, after the Duke of Wellington because he had four white paws that looked like wellies.
He lived to the age of thirteen and it broke my heart when he left us.

What do you do to chill out Ann?

I think I’m pretty well chilled to start with. I quite enjoy a G&T or glass of vino, but apart from that…

Do you work at all voluntary or otherwise?

I am a voluntary steward in the museum and get to meet some incredibly interesting people. Most folk have a tale to tell and can relate to some of the artifacts we have on display. Apart from the museum, I am one of a group of volunteers who read the local newspaper for the blind. We meet every month and record the news which is then sent out to about a hundred or so homes in this part of Kent. http://ashfordmuseum.org.uk/index.html

Tell me about your book and what led up to it?
When did you first started writing. 
Work in progress?

My book Janus came to life a few years ago. I was staying in a lovely old cottage in the Brecon Beacons in Wales, thick stone walls and a great beech tree growing in the garden. From my window I would often see the military helicopters fly over and I remembered a conversation I’d had with a girl I worked with. Her boyfriend was a soldier and had been to Afghanistan twice. When he returned the second time he was suffering from PTSD. Suddenly the setting, the military and the story of a survivor all clicked into place and Janus was born.
Although Janus is my first e-book, I have been writing and telling stories for as far back as I can remember, I won a prize in the London Essay Competition when I was ten. It was a story about a lion but I can honestly say I don’t remember anything else about it.
At the moment I am working on a sequel to Janus and am also in the middle of researching for a mid Victorian story.
About five years ago I wrote and recorded twenty-four audio short stories for children. Each one is based around a different letter of the alphabet and lasts between five and seven minutes. The reason they are just in audio form is to help children develop listening and imaginative skills, skills that many children lack these days.

If you could have any animal from time immemorial as a pet for long freezing days and nights, what would you choose and why?

I gave this question a great deal of thought. Initially I came up with the idea of having a woolly mammoth. Think about it. No having to get out of bed to reach things or get snacks, Mammy the mammoth would simply stretch out her trunk and bring me whatever, without me having to move an inch. As well as acting as my furry duvet, she could also transport me to the shops etc. while I stayed snug and warm. But then I thought of all the difficulties involved in re-enforcing my home. My house was not made for a heavy duty pet and none of the insurance companies would cover me. In the end I opted for a panda. They always look like they’re having fun and ready for a cuddle. So Pam the Panda it is.

Do you prefer heat OR cold?

I hate being cold. I don’t function well when my fingers are frozen and my nose is about to drop off. Having said that, if I followed my dream to live  on a gorgeous, hot Caribbean island, surrounded by sparkling warm seas and swishing palm trees, I would desperately miss autumn mornings with jewel spangled webs glittering in the sun, or crunching around on frosty days. And what about snowmen? I’m sorry, I just can’t choose.

Fantasy holiday… Where would you choose to go if someone else was picking up the tab?

I have never been to Oceania, so if someone was kind enough to treat me, all expenses paid, here is where I’d like to go : First class flight to Sydney with a night at the opera and sight seeing, followed by whistle stop stays in the other big cities. Next board my host’s super ocean going yacht and cruise to the Pacific to visit Fiji, Tonga, Samoa Islands and all the others in between. Sail back to New Zealand to visit both islands followed by a flight(first class of course) to Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands.  There donning a grass skirt and with a beautiful lei around my neck, I would learn to move my hips and hula with the best of them.  Sadly it would then be time to depart and return home by top of the range Lear jet.

Favourite meal (hot and cold)?

A tricky question for me to answer. I like most things, but after a great deal of thought I have come up with: Roast leg of lamb, roast potatoes, white onion sauce, mint sauce, gravy and a selection of any vegetables except swede, turnip or kale. For dessert it would have to be my mum’s apple pie and custard. For cold I have selected a tuna nicoise, my favourite of all salads.

Favourite drink (hot and cold)?

Real hot chocolate-no marshmallows, no cream, just thick, delicious chocolate like the Swiss serve. My cold drink would have to be G&T with ice and lemon.

How hard do you find book promotion?

Very !!!

Any tips or hints you’ve found that were successful for you in promotion?

Find a friend who knows what they are doing and is willing to help.

Favourite genres to read and write?

I have eclectic reading tastes. I’m not keen on too much ‘chic lit’ there has to be action to keep me interested. I enjoy reading so many authors including Lee Child, Clive Cussler, Stephen Leather, Jeffrey Archer, Dean Koontz. For history I love Robert Harris and for my girlie moments I like Mary Stewart, Daphne Du Maurier, Victoria Hislop and Agatha Christie. I have recently come across TKGeering, she’s rather good too.

 Links to books

Author page

Purchase Janus here



The Enchanted Empire

I'm about three quarters through Janus and enjoying it immensely.

Laters Potaters

3 Jan 2017

Tee hits Hollywood with Louis Herthum

Hello my little chickadees

How are you all? No.... seriously....

I know I usually ignore you when you tell me your troubles and woes, but my New Year's resolution is to be more caring. It usually last about a week (in this case probably one blog) so get in quick.

Over the Christmas period, I spent time in my victim's cave where my interviewees normally hang out. Part of the time I pondered over why authors and actors agree to be interviewed by me. Let's face it, I hang them upside down in tortuorous chains until they spill all their secrets and they thank me for the exposure. 

Feeling peckish on Christmas day and with no presents to open I checked out a few smells from the back of the cave and discovered the remains of one of the non compliant interviewees from a few weeks back. He was pretty rancid I can tell you, but beggars can't be choosers and I nibbled on his foot whilst deciding what to to do with him.  I knew I couldn't eat a whole one so I threw him back where I found him and pondered on my next interviewee.

This guy was not only a TV super star, but also a film producer and a Hollywood legend. If I say so myself it was quite a coup getting him to talk to me. He's such a busy man. I approached him back in October 2015 before his new series of Westworld came out. Now that the first series has finished we finally got around to the interview... AND ... I didn't have to chain him up!

So here he is. The lovely Louis Herthum talking about the latest block buster HBO series Westworld in which he starred opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins, another renowned actor.  
I understand that it has a Golden Globe nomination coming up.

 Tee: Can you give us an insight into a normal working day on the set and the surrounding vista Louis?

Louis: Well, a normal working day on Westworld would depend on where we're shooting. If we’re shooting in Moab Utah, where most of the exteriors where shot, it would start very early, predawn usually, and be in an area that is simply breathtaking. I would arrive at set, eat a light breakfast, get into my amazing wardrobe, go see the awesome hair and makeup folks, then wait to be called to set which is usually, when shooting in such an area, a short drive away. We shot the chorale scene where Peter finds the photo in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. That scene did not take a great deal of time to shoot, maybe 2 to 3 hours. 

I did shoot another exterior scene in Moab but it did not make the cut. Though I guess there’s always the chance that it could pop up somewhere down the line. That scene was quite a bit more grueling and took all day and once again, in an incredible setting on a river bank in Moab. If we're talking about shooting in the studio, as was the case with my scene with Sir Anthony Hopkins when Peter glitches, that scene took all day to shoot with a lunch break of course, also starting very early in the morning. Pretty much most days no matter where we're shooting start early in the morning. 

If we are shooting night exterior scenes, they start just before sundown and go till just before sunup. If you're shooting both night and day scenes in the same day, they are called “splits” and they start around noon and end around midnight. As for general insight on shooting anything on Westworld… if exterior you can count on amazing postcard like vista’s and from a personal standpoint, working with amazingly talented individuals at every turn and experiencing a feeling of… this is something very special and I am one fortunate lad to be here! 

Tee: Are there any highs and lows of working on Westworld?

Louis: Certainly. The highs are many. Like the actual doing of the work. Being able to say the words that are written for me, which are incredible. Because what people don’t realize is that sometimes actors are given words to say that simply do not feel natural. Do not feel like words that a human would actually string together in such fashion as is presented on the page. Yet, they have to make them sound natural. When the writing is spot on, when it sounds like the way real people talk, it is a delight to say and easy to learn. That was certainly the case on Westworld. The writers are amazing. Another high is working with extraordinary people as I mentioned before, at every turn, in every department. These folks are the cream of the crop. And it is very obvious. Another high is being able to go to and work in locations such as I mention above. 

The only “low" I can think of is when I was all done. Stopping. But even then, the reality is that there are no lows because the memory of the experience and the footage itself is something that will last forever. Oh… maybe you are referring to the fact that I had to be naked in a few of the scenes. That is not something I would call a high for sure, however I had so much more to think about that it very quickly just became the “wardrobe" that I was required to “wear” for the scene. After all, don’t they call that the "birthday suit"? 

Tee: Grinning

Tee: Do you ever get a ‘fan boy’ moment when you’re acting with the cast on the show? 

Louis: Well, people may not believe this but, No I really don't. I've been at this business a long time now I've met so many actors. Some very famous, some not so famous and some completely unknown. And I find that we're all pretty much the same though Some have larger egos than another’s. Some like to talk about their work and their achievements as actors more than others but that's certainly not something that I experienced on Westworld. I've also never been one to take photographs on set with the actors that I'm working with. I know a lot of actors do that and I understand why and don't begrudge them that. It's just that for me, the experience of doing the work and then actually being able to see the work on film is the “evidence” if you will, that I worked with that person. 

However, if I go out with some of the actors during production, having a meal or drinks with them,  and they are people you become closer with, then I do enjoyed taking photos in those situations. But asking an actor, especially someone like Anthony Hopkins or Jeffrey Wright to take a picture with me on set, no I don't do that. I will say however, I had a great deal of anticipation working with both Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Wright mainly because I have such high respect for both of them as actors and of course because of the nature of the scene. I was concerned that I not look foolish but also because of how important that scene was to the rest of the show. In fact, at that rehearsal Jonah mentioned the importance of the scene to me. However, after that one short rehearsal a few days before shooting it, though we simply read through the scene, any anticipation or anxiety I had was instantly allayed. Sir Anthony is truly one of most humble men I've ever met. And considering his greatness, that is saying a lot. 

Shooting that scene was an experience that I will never ever forget. I'm trying to remember if I've ever had a fanboy moment. Okay I will admit that I had a little bit of a fanboy moment when I did The Curious Case of Benjamin Button back in 2007. I was brought into a room by the assistant director and surprised to see David Fincher, Kate Blanchet, and Brad Pitt waiting to rehearse the scene… in which my part was very small. That was a bit of a fanboy moment because it was the first time to be in a scene with that caliber of actors and director. Now it’s all business in a situation like that. Not that it wasn’t then, I just don’t feel so in awe of the situation. However, I think had I been placed in a room with Jonathan Nolan, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright and JJ Abrams as I was for the first rehearsal for Westworld back years ago, I may have had that fanboy moment. 

However, if I ever had to chance to meet Bruce Springsteen, or had I ever been able to speak to the late Muhammad Ali (I did shake his hand), or meet the late, great Leon Russell, I would probably have a fanboy moment. They all were/are among my "hero’s."

Tee: When you take breaks during filming, do you relive the scenes you have just completed?

Louis: Absolutely. While working I am thinking about the scene constantly and don’t stop until I know that it is finished and that the director is happy. I think most actors do this but I also start to think about what I could've done better or differently but by then it's usually too late. I think more to the point of your question is when I looked back on a scene in the actual film, or TV show,   I can usually find something that I would like to changed. I think most actors do this. It’s easy to second guess once you have seen it. I can’t say that I have ever been discouraged by what I see but it seems that there is always at least a little room for improvement. However you have to let it go because once it is in the can, it is out of your control. The editor and the director make the final decision as to how it will be portrayed.

Tee: What were your feelings on playing a ‘host’, and having now completed many episodes, have you ever had the urge to become an android off set?

Louis: I love playing a host. It was by far the most challenging role I’ve played in my career. And I love a challenge. In fact, when my manager first told me about the audition for Westworld I was very excited because I remember the film so well. It was so far ahead of its time and freaked me out a bit as well. As it did most people back then in 1973 but I was particularly excited because he told me I would be playing different characters as one of the robots. So not only would I have the opportunity to play something I never have, a robot, but I would get to do three different characters in one audition! And this is exciting for any actor because it gives you an opportunity to show a range. And should Peter come back in Season 2, it should be very very interesting to see what kind of personality/character he possesses under the circumstances; 35 years of knowledge crammed into a space that only leaves a small part for a personality. So he may not have much of one at all which would be fun to create and certainly challenging. As for whether or not I would like to be a host? Sure, maybe for a day or two.

Tee: How do you chill out at the end of a days filming?

Louis: I start with a very hot shower and usually a long one (but don't tell that to anybody in California) and then a glass of wine, then a nice meal with another glass of wine. 

Tee: Can you tell us your favourite food and drink?

Louis: I would have to say that my favorite food is all the indigenous foods of my home state of Louisiana. Well maybe not all of it but certainly things like gumbo, shrimp étouffée, shrimp bisque, crawfish étouffée, catfish, red fish, oysters, shrimp and grits, plain grits. things like that. I love spicy food, I love food that makes me sweat or makes my nose run. But I am also extremely fond of Mexican food and living in California I would not say that tops the list since I have the opportunity to eat it more often. I am also very fond of the quintessential Mexican cocktail, Margaritas. But I'm also a big fan of whiskey. Bourbon whiskey. Jefferson’s Reserve currently my favorite. And only in moderation, of course. ;) 

Tee: Well naturally of course Lou :)

Tee: Westworld has achieved a premium cable rating record, and you became performer of the week.   What was your first gut reaction?

Louis: Well my first reaction to the show breaking records did not surprise me in the least. I fully expected that to happen to be honest with you. When you have a show that has a pedigree like this, from the cast to the producers and with that level of expertise in all the areas, all of the departments heads, whether it be make-up, hair, costumes design, special-effects, cinematography, music, set design, etc, etc, I mean you simply cannot go wrong. So no that didn't surprise me at all. 

I may have been surprised by the number of views the shows received on all platforms each week, 11-12 million, and I thought it would equal at least what Game of Thrones was getting but it's the fervor around the show and the level of excitement that has sort of surprised me. But then I had no idea that the show would become a puzzle, a riddle to so many and that they would be trying so hard to solve it every week. A maze if you will. I don't know that anyone who wasn't more intimately associated with the creation of the show could've guessed that. Though I'm quite sure that Jonah and Lisa knew full well that this would happen. 

As I've said earlier, there are no mistakes or accidents in the show. Everything is so perfectly thought out and planned to realize the result they intended. I honestly have never seen such genius in the orchestration of a TV show in my life. And we may never again. That is unless Jonah and Lisa make another show and I am sure they will. As far as my performer of the week honor, I was pretty blown away I have to admit. I'm not accustomed to being singled out for my work in such a fashion. It was very rewarding especially for as long as I've been at this to have someone singled me out that way. It's quite flattering and I was very pleased, to say the least.

Tee: Your performance was exceptional Louis and the accolade was deserved. I also believe you to be a very modest man.

Tee: On a personal note, I’ve been blown away by what the effects department has achieved. How would you and the stars of Westworld rate it?

Louis: Well I'm equally as blown away the only thing is I don't always know what is fx and what's not. For instance, I am sure most people think the flies crawling on faces was an FX shot. That in fact is not an effect, its a real fly. They freeze these flies or get them very cold and by doing so they don’t move. Kind of like when the hosts freeze. And then as they warm up, they slowly start to crawl. So they are placed on a face or wherever, and crawl across it before they warm up and actually fly away. Now obviously they're not crawling on Evan's eyeball as they do in the opening scene of Westworld, but that is a real fly otherwise.

 And the scenery was very real as far as I know because I saw much of it. I mean every single place you look at out in Moab is like a postcard. Even the hotel where we stayed in Moab is surrounded by postcard like scenic vistas. Just open your hotel room door and there is a breathtaking view like nothing I've ever seen. Of course there are the effect’s that we know are effects. Like the hosts insides workings when they are cut open. And especially like that effect in the opening of episode 10 when Dolores is first being assembled by Arnold. I mean that's nothing short of a spectacular, seamless effect. So there are some things you absolutely know are effects and others you may not even be sure are effects. Which means simply, that yes, they are all amazing! Top, top notch.  

Tee: Do you ever take Pete Abernethy home with you?

Louis: Oh, I think I have lived with Peter Abernathy most of my adult life. There’s a good part of Peter in me and always has been. I have a 12-year-old daughter who is my life, Olivia or Livi as we call her and she likes to be called, so I have that understanding of the father's love for his daughter. In fact one of my favorite scenes in the whole pilot is when I tell Dolores that I am what I am because of her. I am moved every time I see that scene or even think about it, for that matter. I think Peter has a lot of the same sensibilities that I do and the same moral code (pardon the pun) that I do. So I walk around with a lot of Peter in me. As far as the Peter we see at the end of the last scene with Anthony Hopkins, well we all have a bit of treachery in us. And it's very easy for me to go to a place like that if I think about anyone hurting my daughter. So yeah, Peter lives with me quite a bit.

Tee: When you read the script of Westworld, did any part of you want to revisit the original Michael Crichton version?

Louis: Yes. When I found out I was auditioning for the show I definitely revisited the film and watched it again. I have to admit the film was still very vivid in my mind as it had such an impact on me, as I think it did most people at the time. But I did want to revisit how the robots moved. When I went in for the initial audition I asked Deanna Brigidi, John Papsider associate at the time, if they wanted to be able to tell that we were robots by our movements. She said absolutely not, that I should be just as human as I am. After I read she said she said that she wanted me to come back to read for producers (Lisa Joy) and casting director John Papsidera. She told me that when I did, they would want to see that I was a robot but only in my movements between the characters, only when transitioning from one to the other and that they would leave whatever that looked like to me. That we should come up with something of our own. So I did.

Tee: I asked Louis the following question…. Your many fans (me included) are hoping that you will be in the series for the long haul. Are you able to confirm anything? 

..... Louis was unable to give me an answer at the time due to the confidentiality surrounding the next series. We can only keep our fingers crossed folks.


Thanks Tee for your interest in me and my career! And THANK YOU Tommy for the intro and all the support you give me! I am so thankful and grateful!! 

Hugs to you both!


...  My thanks also go to Tommy Garrett Highlight Hollywood for enabling this interview ...

 For Lou's many fans out there .....

Louis as Pete Abernathy Westworld 

Louis as Deputy Andy Broom
with the cast of Murder She Wrote

Louis as Android Pete Abernathy

Louis Herthum is from Louisiana and started his career as an actor in 1978. In 1991, he joined the cast of Murder, She Wrote; and played Deputy Andy Broom in 25 episodes of the show's final five seasons. In March 1996, after completing his final episode, Louis turned his attention to film production.

Television credits:  CSI, The MentalistLongmire, and Peter Abernathy, a host (robot) on the HBO record breaking series Westworld.

Laters Potaters. See you on my next blog.

21 Nov 2016

Winton teams up with Hemingway

Hello my little chickadees

How are we all?

Look, I've told you before, I'm not really interested. I'm just being polite get over it  😊😊😊😊

On my blog today I have the macho Mr fit Tom Winton (he works out you know. You didn't? Oh yes indeedee)

Here he is then and I won't steal his thunder. I'll let him tell you everything

Tom Winton

Who is Tom Winton?

I’m just a guy who decided at age 50 to sit down and write a novel. After the completed manuscript spent eleven years sitting at the bottom of a closet, I took it out and it was published. Since then—seven years ago—I’ve put out seven more books and had the good fortune of having them all become bestsellers.

Where do you live Tom?

I grew up in New York City, spent many years in Florida, and now live in a quiet town in the southern reaches of the Appalachian Mountains.

Any hobbies – apart from writing?

I love taking road trips to new places and suppose that’s a hobby of sorts. I’ve also spent thousands of hours fishing the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and countless bays, rivers, lakes and creeks. I love connecting with the natural world and believe early mornings on the water or in the woods is as close as I’ve ever come to nirvana.


Four months ago my wife and I lost our beloved terrier “Ginger.” After being pals for 16 years, there are no words that can describe exactly how distraught we were. But much sooner after Ginger crossed the rainbow than we ever dreamed, the misses and I adopted a lovely beagle. We named her “Solace”, because that’s what she has given us.

Tom and Solace in their own bit of heaven

What do you do to chill out?

My favorite way to chill is to sip two or three beers in the afternoon, usually when I finish a writing session at the keyboard.

Do you work?

Aw c’mon, Tee! Work is a four letter word.

Tee: Sighs. You've got that right sunshine.

Tell me about your books. When you first started writing. How many are completed. Is there a work in progress?

As I mentioned earlier, I started writing at age 50 and now have had eight books published. Presently I’m 26,000 words into a novel about a well-to-do man who suddenly finds himself penniless, heartbroken about losing his wife and daughter, and living on the street. He is befriended by a down-and-out ex-professional basketball player who has been forced to hide from the law after being wrongly accused of two very serious crimes. Known only as “The Prophet” by the homeless people in West Palm Beach, Florida, the highly intelligent older man with mesmerizing gray eyes takes the main character under his wing and together they have some wild-and-wooly adventures as they try to right their lives.   
Do you prefer the heat OR cold?

Now go figure this one out! Even though I absolutely detest the heat, I lived in Florida for 35 years. It was largely the once fabulous fishing that kept me there, but I’ll take the four seasons over constant heat anytime.

Fantasy holiday… Where would you choose to go if someone else was picking up the tab?

If somebody was picking up the tab I’d like to spend two weeks in the-middle-of-nowhere, Alaska, and after that shoot down to Las Vegas to spend another two weeks yanking the arm of a slot machine

Tee: Now you’re talking.

Tell me about self publishing, the highs and lows.

I love being my own boss. And now, being an independent author, I’m exactly that. But I’ll tell you this, if a deep-pocketed publisher wanted to republish my books—and I was guaranteed they give them a big marketing push—I’d jump at the opportunity. One of the biggest downers of being an indie author is the mandatory, never ending marketing. It eats up an awful lot of writing time. What are the highest of the highs I’ve experienced, you asked. One has to be seeing all my books get on bestsellers lists, along with names like King, Grisham and Patterson. Another high was being listed quite a few times as one of Amazon’s “Most Popular Authors” in Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers, Literary Fiction, and I believe Romance as well.    

Tee: I loathe the marketing side as far as my books are concerned. It always makes us authors sound so needy. I'd much rather promote other folk which I find much easier.

Favourite meal (hot and cold)?

I like my weather cool and most of my food hot. Love Italian, Mexican and seafood.

Your favourite drink (hot and cold)?

I like my coffee in the morning, and in the afternoon those few brewskies I mentioned earlier.

How hard do you find book promotion?

The only promotions that have really paid off for me are paid promos on the bigger book site such as BookBub and Ereader News Today. Unfortunately though, BookBub has now priced their features so high that I can’t really afford to pay for them. “C’mon Random House or some other big publisher! When are you going to come a knocking with a contract in your hand?”  

Any tips or hints you’ve found that were successful for you in promotion?

Besides the paid features I’ve mentioned, I also post on Facebook and Twitter for about a half hour each day.

Tee: Lord how I hate twitter. All that twittering and twirling drives me nuts, and in my case encourages the nuts!!

Favourite genres to read and write?

Whether it’s reading or writing, I’m a self-admitted genre jumper. But let me say this to any new writers who might be reading this interview, you’re best bet is to stick to one genre, and write a series of related books. If you stay with one genre it is far easier to build your brand, and readers absolutely love series. Had I only written Florida-based suspense novels for the last seven years I KNOW I would be selling far more books today.

You’ve set up your own publishing house using FB writer friends to help run it. What would you name it? Who would you choose to run the different departments? As the owner, how would you ensure the FB staff achieved success for you?

Okay, for starters I’d probably name my publishing house something like Must Reads Press International. Ha! My marketing manager would definitely be Sarah Jane Butfield, because her energy is boundless and she’s done a terrific job at Rukia Publishing—her terrific support group. For my editors/proofreaders I’d go with Hannah Warren, Suzanna Burke, Sheila Belshaw and Ian Roberts, all of whom are exceptional writers. Lastly, I’d signup you, Tee Geering, as my PR head honcho. We’ve been good buddies for the past seven years that I’ve been back in the writing game and I deeply appreciate all you’ve done to help advance my success. Thanks heaps for having me here today. I had a super time.

Tee: My pleasure Tom and watch out for that Ernest Hemingway on your travels. I bet he's watching over your shoulder at times 😊

So there you have the lovely Tom Winton. He was one of the better behaved victims of my cave.
Guess what? He used all my torturous instruments as a work out!!! What can I say?

Laters Potaters

Links to Tom Winton's books:

A New Dawn in Deer Isle 

Beyond Nostalgia 

Forever Three 

Four Days with Hemingway’s Ghost 
Amazon US - http://amzn.com/B008FBXENQ

The Last American Martyr 
Amazon US - http://amzn.com/B005GFM764
Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005GFM764

Within a Man’s Heart 

A Second Chance in Paradise 

Tripping on Coconuts